Romona’s Aromas of Inspiration website was created in 2014. This website was created to inspire, uplift, and encourage people all over the world with the word of God. A dear friend of mine named Cedrick Stewart would often encourage me to exercise the gifts that God has placed on the inside of me. He would often ask, “Romona, what are you working on?” I would always respond with, “I’m working, or it’s coming.” I thank God for Cedrick because he encouraged me to move forward even in those times when things seemed scary and they just didn’t make sense. I’m glad that I was able to come in contact with one of God’s angels right here on earth. Cedrick is no longer with us because he passed in 2016, but I thank God for the awesome race that he allowed Cedrick to run. The baton was passed along and I intend to share everything that God has placed on the inside of me to share. I pray that whether you read one post, read daily posts, or simply stumble across this website that God will begin to bless you, heal you, deliver you and speak to you in ways that only He can. No matter who you are of where your from, God has a perfect plan for each and every one of your lives.